Frequently Asked Questions


Is ESO Raidplanner free to use?
Yes, ESO Raidplanner is 100% free. It is a hobby project of mine. All features are available to anyone, without restrictions. Of course, if you would like a fancy badge next to your name, you can consider supporting this project on Patreon.

Does my guild need to use Discord in order to use ESO Raidplanner?
Yes. ESO Raidplanner is entirely designed around the systems of Discord.

Do my guild members have to log into this site in order to use it?
Your guild members do not need to use the website at all. Once you have configured your Discord server to work with ESO Raidplanner all your members will be able to interact with it through the bot. Of course, users can always go to the website if they wish, but it is never required.


I want to set up my server, but it is not in the list!
In order to configure a Discord server with ESO Raidplanner you must be the owner of the server. Admin rights are not enough, you must be the actual owner. If you cannot reach the owner of your server, please see the point at the very bottom with our Discord server info. You can come there and ask, we will work something out. You can also check out this article about server ownership in Discord.

How long does it take before recurring events appear after setting them up?
Roughly 10 minutes depending on the server load.

Discord Bot

Does ESO Raidplanner have a bot?
Yes, ESO Raidplanner does have a bot. You will be guided through adding it to your server when you go through the setup process after you have logged in.

What permissions does the Discord bot need?
The Discord bot needs at least the following permissions in the channels it is active in: Read Messages, Send Messages and Embed Links.


How long does it take for my supporter role to show up after I pledge on Patreon?
Supporter roles are updated every 6 hours.


Where can I go if I have more questions?
You can come to our Discord server.